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  Visiting Tailor is an online custom shirt shop, based in Madrid, with the complete fabrication of your articles on this city, watching carefully the quality, finish and the end result of his creations. 
  Visiting Tailor is an exciting project that José Antonio Merchan launched, thus fulfilling one of his dreams, after years of experience in the world as the shirt, to the best shops in the capital. 
  The relationship with José Antonio Fashion Merchan began studying Industrial Pattern undertaken in Madrid, after which went on to work with some of the founding teachers of the shirt as in Spain, absorbing them the necessary knowledge and above all, passion for this art. 
  Apart from the various positions he has held in several departments and pattern cutting, it has been able to share all his experiences and knowledge with new generations. 
  All this wealth has greatly increased his passion for this very personal work, where a garment is different from above, depending on the tastes of customers, the main asset of Visiting Tailor, since they are basic in the process of creation and development garments, so it is so important to listen to properly advise each. 
  The customer satisfaction is the main goal of Visiting Tailor, Antonio Jose Merchan put into operation five years ago to be free to express all the ideas, projects and designs you have in mind. All this with the addition of their extensive experience and expertise in the sector, as a point of difference putting innovation and modernity, which is attached to a garment expertise as quality. 
  Visiting Tailor In all orders are custom made, being so, each special piece for each customer, so you know they are acquiring a unique and exclusive to them, thanks to the quality of materials and the care that is put in the design and manufacture of each. 
  From Visiting Tailor want all men feel special with shirts as available, because there is nothing that makes you feel more unique, special and elegant than a garment made especially for you.


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