Frequently asked questions

1. When will I receive my order? 
  From the moment you make your purchase, the shipping time is 15 days, since we are talking about a garment made exclusively for you. In any case, if you need your order in less than 15 days time, please contact us by e-mail or phone, and we will study the possibility of advancing the date of delivery. 
2. Can I return my shirt?
  The first thing to be noted is that all shirts are made to order, ie exclusive garments are specially made for each customer, so the shipping measures must be correct so that there is room for doubt. 
  Therefore, you must consider that when taking appropriate action, should not do it over another garment, but on his own body, as a backlash to the shirt needed for mobility, which depend on whether you choose a finish applied Normal waisted or your garment. 
  In the case of a production error, the customer to send a photo, video, or by videoconference, in order to assess product crashes will be asked. If the error has been Visiting Tailor, a messenger was sent to his home to pick up your order, taking care to fix it to proceed to the forwarding order. 
  In no case the money order will be refunded, since each shirt, as mentioned above, is exclusively for each client.
Are shirts collection are also made to order? What is the shipping time? 
Visiting Tailor makes all your work order, including shirts collection with standard sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL), so your shirt collection will also be made ​​exclusively for you, with delivery within 15 days , as well as the liners
3. Could I see in best quality fabrics available? 
  In case you wish to see better resolution tissues shirts available, you can ask by e-mail (@ sending images with higher resolution, you better appreciate the quality of our fabrics. 
  Similarly, you can ask us for shipping to your home to ten tissue sample, which will be sent by regular mail, you will have to pay € 1 for each, which amount will then be deducted from your order. You can order samples and select the category you want in the "tissue samples" section located in the search plugins.
  4. Which areas Tailor Visiting moves to take action and what cost represents the displacement at home? 
  Currently, Visiting Tailor moves home to take measures to customers anywhere in the Community of Madrid and some parts of the north of Toledo (see). 
  Prices of shifts for taking action and making the order will include, among which must be taken into account which is already included sending the order to your home (within 15 days as stated above) : 
• Within the radius of the M-50: If your home is located within this radius, the cost will be: 
  - Order of a shirt: 10 € 
  - Order two shirts: 5 € 
  - Order of three shirts or more: FREE 
• Other parts of the Community of Madrid: if your address is outside the radius of the M-50 but in Madrid, the cost of travel and taking action is as follows: 
  -Order of a shirt: 15 € 
  -Order two shirts or 10 € 
  -Order of three shirts: 5 € 
  -Order four or shirts or more: FREE 
• To address the shift to taking action, will be an essential condition that a minimum purchase of a shirt is made.
5. If I live outside of Spain, I can make my orders Visiting Tailor? What does it cost? 
  Visiting Tailor send your orders to anywhere, both within Europe and international shipments, with the following costs: 
• Shipments to European territory: 
  - below 220 € Offer: shipping 20 € 
  - above 220 ​​€ Offer: FREE 
• International shipments: 
  - below 400 € Offer: shipping 40 €  
 above 400 € Offer: FREE 
6. Which payment methods are available at Visiting Tailor?
  To place your order through, we offer you a system totally card payment through BBVA, which accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard and Maestro
7. What happens to my personal information when I order in Visiting Tailor?
  In compliance with Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, Users are informed that their personal data are included in the files of Visiting Tailor purposes of customer management and advertising (including sending e-mails or other electronic means) of commercial messages concerning products, services, offers, promotions and latest Visiting Tailor. Similarly, Visiting Tailor agree not to sell or provide your information to third parties for commercial purposes. 
  The user can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing via email to Visiting


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