What gives us Visiting Tailor

  • EXCLUSIVITY: Visiting Tailor offers all its customers a close service with personalized attention, in our Showroom or by moving if necessary to your home, company or wherever you like, in addition to a unique, custom made garment with which They will feel special, since it is you, our customers, who choose what they want and how they want it.
    CUSTOMIZATION: Continuing with the previous point, Visiting Tailor thinks of each of its clients every time they create a garment, being fully personalized, from the choice of fabrics, accessories and ending with embroidered initials, which can be worn by shirts, If so desired by the client.
    QUALITY: the materials with which Visitar Tailor works are unique, and in addition, all its garments are manufactured in Spain, specifically in Madrid, making available to our customers all the knowledge, experience and know-how acquired with years of experience.
    NEW EXPERIENCES: the moment of testing a shirt made to measure and exclusively for you, will be a unique experience, which you will repeat every time you put this garment, noting that it is automatically for you, the same thing happening with the costumes as Tailor also offers visitor.
    STYLE: each person chooses their way of carrying out the garments, and from Visiting Tailor we offer our customers a wide variety of fabrics, accessories, accessories and tips, so that they get everything they are looking for, whether for a special occasion or for day to day.
    CREATIVITY: from Visiting Tailor we innovate continuously, we propose to our clients new proposals, be it shirts, fabrics, materials, accessories, etc. so that every time they enter our store, the experience is different, but at the same time, they feel at home.

Build your shirt

1. Cloth
2. Sleeves
3. Front
4. Tweezers
5. Neck
6. Wristband
7. Pocket
8. Elbow
9. Buttons
10. Embroidery
11. Measures
12. Summary of the garment


What gives us Visiting Tailor
Tailored suits.
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